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An Holistic approach to Health and Living

The term ‘Holistic’ originates from the Greek w Consultationord ‘Holos’, meaning whole.  The holistic approach to the individual’s health and lifestyle is concerned with an understanding of a whole person’s being.  An holistic approach treats each person individually, and within the context of their own life.  At the initial consultation, a whole picture is taken of the client, which includes questions about medical history, current health, diet and nutrition, exercise, work and home environments.  Our environment and daily living affects our bodies, which in turn, affects our physical and mental health.  An uncomfortable working environment can cause stress, tiredness, anxiety, depression and heart conditions.  A home environment, where diet  is poor and lifestyle is sedentary (sitting at the computer, watching television and a lack of exercise) may lead to ill-health.


Stress is any factor, which threatens our well-being.  Negative stress causes the individual to worry, panic or lose concentration, causing the body to tense and not be able to relax.  Symptoms of stress can include insomnia, heart palpitations, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, sweating or churning stomach.  Relaxation techniques can help, including breathing, visualisation, and a range of holistic massage treatments.


All treatments at Lovell Holistic Therapies are given in relation to each individual client’s needs in a professional, caring and confidential environment. 



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